About us

Founded in year 2007, we are a small business consulting firm with focus on delivery of professional information technology services to businesses of all sizes.

Our highly educated and skilled staff brings science, technology, and experience together to provide solutions that enable businesses realize the highest return on their information technology investments.

In the past 25 years we have delivered numerous software systems that ranged from small custom made desk-top applications to very complex mission critical ERP systems, to eCommerce web sites, and to big data analysis tools.

Core Values

Our core values define who we are. These core values dictate how we behave and they guide us when making decisions.

Integrity: We build trust by being honest and ethical and by taking responsibility. We do not mislead our clients and we do not accept projects that exceed our capacity.

Value Creation: We strive to create business value for our customers by making sure that their businesses improve and get closer to performing optimally.

Relationship building: From small to large scale information system projects, the foundation of all of our work is solid relationships with our clients who have the confidence to rely, time and gain, on our experience, technical strength and in-house expertise to make their vision a reality.

Quality: We deliver the projects with the highest quality. We do not believe in cutting corners by assigning resources that are less that fully-qualified for the job. We self-monitor ourselves to make sure that we are always in compliance with the highest level of industry standards for information technology projects.

Niakam Kazemi, D.Sc./Ph.D.

CEO, CTO, Consultant